ABC Soup ( Potato & Carrot soup )

I believe all of you would know ABC Soup !
Why they are called as ABC Soupbecause they are as easy as ABC 
and of cause easy ingredients!
In this picture, i actually cooked full pot of ABC soup!
My boyfie loves it <3 
Because the other day i cooked radish & carrot soup , my boyfie wants it more!
Wish makes me really happy.
So here we go , easy ingredients!
A pot of distilled water
1 Chicken bone ( it can be also any parts of Chicken )
100g diced potatoes
100g diced carrots
2 tomato ( cut into pieces )
2 -3 tbsp chicken stock/mushroom stock
1. Boil the chicken bone or other parts of chicken until the water boils, strain away the chicken broth and boil again.
(this is what i normally do)
2.The next round of boiling the soup , you can now put all the ingredients into the pot.
 (i suggest to cook under low heat )
3.Cook the soup approximately for 45 minutes.
Yummy <3 
I hope you like this recipe , share yours with me.