Asian Chicken Noodle Soup in Mason Jar for ONE (1)

Asian Chicken Noodle Soup in Mason Jar

Another yummy lunch of mine!
As I am ” cutting” off rice, noodles & mostly made of flour items.
So I figure out something to fill my tummy instead of those food..
Recently I am so in love with this youtube channel ~
” The Domestic Geek ” 
Trust me , if you want to have a healthy diet meal plans, you can definitely try her recipes!
I actually re-make her recipes.
So below are my recipe:
1/4 cups pasta ( you can choose any )
1/4 cups of chopped vege ( I chose cabbage & siew pak choy )
5 slices of chicken breast (approximately 60-80g)
30g Zucchini 
30g of broccoli
3 mini pork sausages *optional 
All you have to do is cook them!
What I did was,
1. Bring chicken breast to a boil. ( you will notice foam in the soup , remove the water & replace new water )
2.Add in chopped vege. ( make broccoli & zucchini last as they cook faster)
3.Remove the vege. from the pot . 
4.Add in pasta in the pot and let them cook.
5.Remove the pasta from the pot. Leave them cool a side.
6.Cook the broccoli and Zucchini  .
Layer them in your mason jar & you are done!
This steps are quite complicated , I know.
If you have a better suggestion on how to cook this .
Do let me know , I can try it out !