Barley Drink 薏米水

Hey lovelies , i went to Thailand for a holiday with my family =)
i shared some pictures and all of us are getting sick because of the weather is hot.
So we got back, i have the idea of making this Barley Drink.
Barley not only contains Vitamins but also can cure sickness =)
I believe in some of the Chinese family , they have the habits of drinking Barley.
Even my mom kept like few packets in house just in case.
Barley drink is so easy to made , and i hope you enjoy ^.^
This method is what my mom thought me =)
So here are the ingredients:
1 cup of Barley seeds
2 bars of brown rock sugar  
4 pandan leaves.
This is really easy!
i hope you can try it out ^.^
God bless ^.^