Hearty Potato Cream Soup with Thermomix

It’s been so long no videos or any post about my cooking/ baking video.
Here I am again!
Cooking with Thermomix.

I’ll post it here the recipes.
With Thermomix, you can do it all easily! =D
No stress, all you need is just prepare the ingredients and simple steps.

Ingredients: (1 pax)
40g onion (cubed)
2tsp unsalted butter
10g olive/vegetable oil
100g potato-1 potato ( cubed )
150g water
1-2 tsp chicken/vegetable stock powder
60g fresh milk
salt & pepper to taste
1.Place onion, butter & vegetable oil into the TM bowl to saute.
Time:3 min
Temperature: 100°C
Speed :1
2.Add potato,water & chicken stock powder to cook
Time: 10mins
Temperature: 100°C
Speed 1
3.Pulverize( Smash the potatoes )
Time:30 seconds
Temperature : –
Speed : 5 – 10 
4. Add Milk, salt & pepper ,continue to cook.
Time:2 mins
Temperature : 80°C
Speed : 2
And you are done!
Top with Parmesan cheese if you like =)
Thank you for watching I hope you enjoy !

Ker Sin