Rich Pumpkin Soup Pasta for ONE (1)

Rich Pumpkin Soup Pasta

I am not a big fans of pumpkin, like. no .. no no not a big fans of pumpkin.
But pumpkin is in my to-buy-list for healthy food!
Well, I look through thermomix recipe and found out that this might be change a little perspective of 
dear pumpkin & my life.
I also happened when I was shopping for groceries and this pumpkin cost RM2.10 ( it’s like saving super a lot !! ) so why not buy this baby & let’s get cooking!
I understand a lot of you looking for recipes out there that fits 1 pax. But you know , recipe books doesn’t show 1 pax but 3-4 pax, how are you gonna finish them?
Here we go , 1 pax Rich Pumpkin Soup Pasta.
50g milk
60g pumpkin
1 potato ( cubed )
6 sliced chicken breast
1 cup of water / chicken stock / vegetable stock


Recipe above are cook with Thermomix.

1.Add butter and onion to TM bowl to saute.
Time: 3 mins
Temperature: V
Speed : 1

2.Add pumpkin , potato , chicken & water to cook
Time : 12 mins
Temperature : 100 °C
Speed : 1

3.Pulverize after it is cooked
Time : 1 min
Temperature : –
Speed : 5-10

4.Add salt , pepper , milk. Continue to cook.
Time : 1 min
Temperature : 100°C
Speed : 3


If you do not have a thermomix, you can cook with cooking pot and blend with blender!

Hope you can try it out!